Vinpearl Safari Park may soon enter list of Vietnam’s top attractions

Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City and its Phu Quoc Island recently made it in the worldwide headlines because of newly inaugurated safari park. This is Vietnam’s first such park and is developed by Vingroup. The island in question is just around 15 KMS away from Gulf of Thailand. Currently, the park is known as Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc.
Park is designed to handle a large number of tourists
This safari park is spread across 500 hectare of land and is home to more than 3,000 wild animals. The list of animals includes black and white lemurs, rhinos, Arabian gazelles, and Bengal tigers. To be specific, the park is located in island’s Ganh Dau commune.
As part of this project, around 380 hectares of forest land has been turned into safari park and open zoo. Every day, the park can handle around 8,000 visitors.
The park made it in the headlines for the first time during last year’s third quarter when animals from all around the world arrived in Vietnam via air, and water transport. These rare animals were immediately brought on the island.
Best vets on the island
Authorities have not left any stone unturned. They have appointed top vets from countries like India, South Africa, and Australia to take care of the animals. Reports suggest that the island has its own veterinary facility that is also tagged as Southeast Asia’s largest.
The group does not plan to stop here. They aim to create awareness about environmental issues in the area. Vingroup also plans to raise funds for wildlife conservation, education and research activities, and various animal conservation programs. The park is already a part of South East Asian Zoo Association.
Vietnam’s authorities hope that this safari park will bring more tourists on the island, and these tourists would spend more time at the park. Currently, the island also manages to attract trekking vietnam enthusiasts.
Vingroup has also invested in healthcare facilities, retail facilities, port, and accommodation facilities for tourists on Phu Quoc Island to offer convenience to tourists.‎external-link.jspa?‎*/

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